Welcome Visitors

High Street Baptist Church is not just a building located on the north side of Columbus right next to highway 270; High Street Baptist Church is a group of people who work together to support each other with the love of Christ and to tell everyone about the Son of God Who was born and walked the earth as any other man while maintaining His perfection before dying to pay for the sins of all mankind and rising from the grave three days later.

Just as Jesus did not allow bias or prejudice to restrict his opportunity to help people, we accept and welcome with open arms people from all walks of life and with all kinds of backgrounds and cultural experiences. The truth is that anyone willing to be a part of High Street Baptist Church will feel right at home, especially if that person desires to follow Jesus and live according to His Word.

At High Street, you will find a warm, friendly environment designed to uplift hearts and produce praise and glory for God. Strong healthy families are really the heartbeat of the church. With Sunday school classes and extracurricular activities for parents and children of all ages, High Street Baptist Church offers valuable connections to every family.

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