The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

The Bible says in Galatians 5:7,  ”Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?”    Through the years I have seen some great people serving God and running their race well.   Then something happens – they get their eyes off the goal. They get off track, hurt, offended, discouraged and before long AWOL. I’ve seen it happen over and over, over again. And it breaks my heart each time it happens. Of course our adversary Satan is always the culprit; he’s always behind the scenes working to Hinder the Race!   The word Hinder means to slow down, to impede progress, to delay, to quit.  With all my heart  I want to finish well;  I want to live for God until He comes and encourage others to stay in the Race.

There are Three things that  will help us Run our Race.  First of all there will be some people we have to Forgive; Bitterness will Derail our progress every time!  Remember, while Jesus was on the cross he said, “Father Forgive Them.” They didn’t ask for it, but He gave it!  Secondly, there are some people we will have to Forget! If we don’t, they will impede our progress for the Lord.  They might be good people, friends, even Family; but they’re just not going in the same direction for God.  Forgive them, Forget them, and move on.  Thirdly, there are some people we must Forsake! This is the “old crowd, the wrong crowd,  the worldly crowd.” Beware, stay away; they bring danger; stay clear. They will always influence us to question our commitment to The Lord. I meet people all the time who I call “Used to be Christians.” They used to sing in the Choir,  Usher, work on a bus route, teach a Sunday School class, serve The Lord.  To Those I Say  What Happened? Who Did Hinder You? You Were Running So Well!   Pastor! 

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