Vision For The Local Church

Our vision is to tell everybody about the Son of man Whom we all know as Jesus. He is called the Son of man because He is both God’s Son and a mortal man at the same time. It’s impossible for us to understand this completely because no other human being has experienced anything similar in all of history. As the Son of God, He could not sin. As a physical man, He would not sin. He was tempted with sin just as we are. He could have chosen to sin, but He didn’t. He lived His entire life as a sinless sign of salvation. He died a death that He did not deserve only out of love for you and me. After being in a grave for three days, His body was quickened by the power of His Father. Since Jesus took the punishment for sin that we deserved, we no longer have to endure that punishment ourselves. Out of love for Jesus, we choose to live as walking testimonies of His grace and mercy. We want the whole world to know how much Jesus loves each of them; after all, it’s the least we could do to express our gratitude for His incredible sacrifice. That’s what it’s all about here at High Street Baptist Church; we are telling that story to all of Columbus, one person at a time.