Adult Sunday School Classes

at High Street Baptist Church

Singles & Young Adults

Crossroads Class

This action-packed group is wrapped tightly around three C’s: Christ, Church, and Community. By focusing on an individual’s connection to Christ first, the class led by Jason Williams is also able to strengthen vital relationships that make up the church and community. With easy-to-understand Bible teaching offered on weekly basis, the young adults of Columbus have the perfect opportunity to find new friends and never-ending faith. Crossroads Class

Friends & Families

The Authorized Class

Our largest and longest-standing class meets every week in the sanctuary. Tim Bro teaches down-to-earth lessons every week for the purpose of encouraging and exhorting the faithful members of High Street Baptist Church. Also, Dan Rogers is actively involved in the organizing of prayer requests and special visits as well as class outreach projects.

Sound In The Faith

Aron Belcher has been instrumental in helping many families of Columbus find a place they can call home within High Street Baptist Church. His excellent work and genuine concern for the welfare of those around him have made a discernible difference in the Sound In The Faith Sunday school class. IMG_1141

Reformers Unanimous Members

The Victory Class

Members of this triumphant group of believers take pride in the fact that their “shout hasn’t died out.” The Victory Class is an extension of  the Reformers Unanimous ministry that takes place every Friday at 7:00 P.M. on High Street. Dr. Guy Kelly delivers uniquely uplifting messages straight from the sole source of Scripture for English-speaking Christians in the twenty-first century — the King James Bible. Come and join us this Sunday; everybody is welcome.Victory-Class-1-1

Senior Saints

Celebrate Life Class

Comprised of folks rich in wisdom and full of priceless life experience, this special class provides a place for all senior saints to feel comfortable while they study the Word of God and enjoy the fellowship that only fellow believers understand. If you are looking for a place where you will feel loved, this is exactly the place for you. Join Don Margheim this Sunday morning for positive spiritual reinforcement and  heart-felt hospitality.

Group Bible Studies

a journey through the sixty-six books of God's Word

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